General Information

School Term Dates - 2024

Term One        31 January 2024 - 28 March 2024

Term Two        15 April 2024 - 28 June 2024

Term Three     15 July 2024 - 20 September 2024

Term Four       7 October 2024 - 12 December 2024



Whole school assemblies are held in the undercover area twice per term at 2.30pm. These assemblies are open to all community members to come and enjoy. Each of our classes are responsible for hosting one assembly throughout the year. Please refer to the school planner, website or Facebook page for up to date information regarding the assembly schedule, including dates and times.


Crunch & Sip
Students are encouraged to bring a small container of vegetables or fruit to eat during their morning sessions. We ask that this snack is cut and easy to eat, to avoid any mess while they’re working. An afternoon break is also scheduled by classroom teachers to allow the students to again enjoy some fruit/vegetables and refuel for the remainder of the day. Water bottles are brought into class and students are encouraged to drink regularly, particularly in the summer months.


Illness/Infectious Diseases

While it is often difficult to prevent the transmission of common respiratory (colds/flu) and gastroenteritis infections that occur, we make every effort to minimise the spread of infection by teaching and encouraging good hygiene practices at school, and recommending parents to keep their children at home when unwell. There may be times, that parents are contacted and asked to collect their children if they present unwell during the school day. Many of the childhood infectious diseases require student/staff to be excluded from school for a recommended period of time. These exclusion periods and advice can be found on the Department of Health’s website under the Communicable Disease Guidelines.


Lost Property

We encourage all personal items to be clearly labelled to allow items such as clothing to be returned to their owners. A lost property box is located on the verandah (near the staffroom) and should be checked if your child is missing any items.


Mobile Phones

There are many parents and guardians who, for safety, security and/or emergency purposes wish to provide their children with mobile phones. Kulin District High School allows students to bring mobile phones or tablets to school, however these are not to be accessed during school time, including before school, recess and lunch. At the beginning of the school year, parents will complete a permission slip indicating whether their child has a mobile phone and if it will be brought to school. Students are required to leave their phones in labelled zip lock bags in the front office between the time they arrive at school to the time they depart. This policy aligns with Department policy of ‘Off and Away all Day’.