Our Dress Code has been developed in collaboration with the School Board to promote a positive school image and create a sense of identity amongst the students. Students are required to wear school hats during outdoor activities in Terms 1 & 4. School hats and beanies can be purchased from the front office.

Uniforms can be purchased from the local Kulin Hardware and Rural store. The School Office has a small supply of second hand uniforms which can be purchased for a gold coin donation to the Kulin District High School P&C Association.

It is an expectation of the school community that all students wear the school uniform at all times unless an exemption is granted by the Principal. Students participating in camps, carnivals or excursions are expected to wear school uniform unless otherwise informed.

Customised Kulin D.H.S schoolbags are available for purchase but are not compulsory. They can be purchased at the front office and come with a lifetime warranty.


School Uniform

  • School polo shirt (royal blue) with school logo
  • Navy blue shorts/pants/skirt/skort
  • Navy blue zip jacket with school logo
  • Navy blue fleece jumper with school logo
  • Plain navy blue, grey or white long sleeve shirts are permitted under the school shirt
  • Wide brimmed school hat (K- Year 6) or school caps (Years 7-10).
  • School beanie


Special Clothing Items

  • Faction polo shirts to be worn on inter-house carnivals (available for purchase at the front office)
  • Students are encouraged to wear their faction shirts for 'Faction Friday' which are ran by our Faction Captains
  • Students representing Kulin D.H.S at interschool events will be provided with a school shirt to wear.
  • Year 10's will be permitted to wear their school leavers jumper/jacket designed in collaboration with the graduating students.
  • Closed in shoes are required on days where students have Physical Education, Design and Technology, Home Economics and Science lessons for safety reasons