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School Psychologist

The school has access to School Psychologists from the Narrogin District Education Office. They visit on a regular basis (usually fortnightly)  or visits  can be pre-arranged if necessary. Parents need to contact the Deputy Principal or the child’s teacher to arrange an appointment.

School Psychologists are able to test students for a variety of reasons ranging from academic needs to social needs. Teachers can refer students, as can parents. The School Psychologist can also assist in the area of career guidance for the workforce or further education. All contact is confidential in nature.

School Health Nurse

All students, parents and teachers have regular access to a school health nurse in the school. She is able to:

  • Carry out routine screening and health assessments for all students and teachers.
  • Liaise with parents and teachers about ongoing care of students with chronic illness. (eg. Asthma, Diabetes etc.)
  • Prepare care plans to deal with emergency issues.
  • Provide health education and promotion to students, parents and teachers.
  • Provide counselling and referral sources as required.

Parents wishing to discuss their child’s health with the school nurse can contact the school for an appointment or alternatively the nurse is available at the school on a Tuesday.

Speech Therapist

The Speech Therapist visits from Narrogin on a needs basis. He/she provides one-to-one or home programs as required, focusing on students aged 1-6 years.

Please contact the Deputy Principal for a referral if you have concerns.

Occupational Therapist

The Occupational Therapist visits Kulin DHS as required. The therapist works with students with motor co-ordination concerns.


The Dental Therapy van visits the school once a year. Dates are advertised in the school newsletter.