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Kulin District High School was founded on the 15th May 1916 as a Primary School on the site where the present undercover area is located. The first teacher was Mrs R. A. Woodman who had a class of 24 students, of which 5 were boys and 19 were girls. In 1966 it was upgraded to a District High School. Today, there are approximately 120 students.

Excerpts from the Kulin School  Journal 1916-1949

"I took up duties on the 15th of May. The first day was spent in having the desks screwed together and boxes unpacked. The furniture was in a shocking state, the desks and seats having to be scrubbed by me before allowing the children to sit on them. The free stock is very limited for junior classes, no provision being made for supplementary reading." R. A. Woodman 1916

"The plots sown in May have been demolished by the rabbits. There are quite a few here and it is safe to say that very little will be grown until they are destroyed. The children are much interested in the gardening operations each furnishing a packet of seeds for its own particular plot one of which has been allocated to each scholar." R. A. Woodman 26/7/18

"Peace celebrations were participated in on the 19/7/19 . The public contributed well and a memorable day was held for the children. Games, races and speeches by residents were indulged in. In the evening a fancy dress ball for the children was held, the children performing creditably. Medals were distributed on the 28th inst.  A holiday was given on the 21st ." R. A. Woodman 25/7/19

"Average attendance 14.8. Oral composition occasionally takes the form of a lesson on "manners." I endeavour to impress on the children the necessity for ladylike and gentlemanly behaviour in public places." R. A. Woodman 28/5/20

"I applied to the Department for a holiday in order that I may proceed to Harrismith for the annual show. I intended showing some school work. Unfortunately on the return journey the motor car broke down about three miles from Kulin. I walked in and arrived at the school at 10.30 a.m. A lady in charge of my home looked after the children in my absence. The time was made up." R. A. Woodman 30/9/21

"Took up duty as Head Teacher today.” Edward J. Walsh Jan 24th, 1922

"School re-opened after Summer holidays. Staff – W.Rowland Waller, H.T. 111-V11, Miss M.E. Barnett, Asst Infs-11, Miss Olive M. Edwards, Mon. I understand that several of the country children are absent on account of a rumour having been circulated that teachers have been given a fortnights compulsory holiday." W.Rowland Waller Feb 2nd 1931

"Miss Peake took up duties of relieving head teacher." Miss Peake 1st Feb 1939

"Air Raid precautions Activities: The people promised to receive, if necessary, from evacuation areas 58 relatives, and 37 non-relatives total 95 children.” W.Rowland Waller 3rd July 1940

"Played Kondinin football and cricket ball here on Wednesday. Excellent social day was enjoyed by all. Several chn still away. The bus can't cross a creek which isolates two children. We have been very busy in show week.” W.Rowland Waller Sept 14th 1945

"Parents attended school on 15.11.47 to erect tennis court fence. Work well in hand but not complete." 17.11.47

"A 16 mm sound projector was delivered to the school today. It is stored for the time being with the Roads Board as the school is closing for the Xmas vacation." C.Wood 13.12.48

"Interschool sports at Yealering. Shield won by Corrigin, Yealering being second. Owing to the measles, a wedding and a jubilee wedding four of our best children unable to attend and we took little more than half the school….Arith Tests today (Oct 14) for 1 and 11, disappointing. Children work slowly and inaccurately and show inability to tackle anything in the nature of a problem." Oct 15th 1949

Mrs Woodman 1958

Kulin School 1915

Kulin School 1926